SHOW CAR: In a slight modification, car show awards at FRESH will be voted by the spectators and sponsors in attendance at the show, and ALL cars on the grounds will be eligible to win. The full awards list has not been finalized, however we anticipate awards such as Best Wheels, Best Paint, Best Interior, Best Bodywork, Dirtiest Car, Best Jalopy, etc. Awards are voted by the public using our site (open the day of the show).

#FRESHAF: This event is for the cream of the crop, the best of the best – if you think your car can best them all, and is FRESHAF, you can enter this event and take on the best cars the show has to offer.

DYNO: A fan favourite, we are bringing back our mobile rolling dyno. Cars will have two pulls on the dyno with results, and the car that lays down the highest number of horses wins. At this time we can only accommodate 2WD cars. 

DYNO PRE-REGISTRATION: To gaurantee your spot on the Dyno, pre-registration is available for $60 (a $10 discount) for two pulls.

  • Send your contact information in a paypal payment to by May 20th
  • Arrive early to the show and check into the VK booth under the pavilion
  • Refunds will be given if you are unable to Dyno

POKE ‘N GO: Started in 2014 in honour and support of the John Di Battista Foundation, Poke ‘n Go returns at the season opener to allow ‘vendors’ the ability to sell their old parts from last season. 100% of the proceeds of this event benefit the John Di Battista Foundation.

LIMBO: Back for a second year is our lowest car competition. The car limbo pits all comers against the dreaded limbo pole (err.. pool noodle). Contestants take turns driving under the lowering limbo pole until only one car remains. 100% of the proceeds of this event benefit the John Di Battista Foundation.

SCAVENGER HUNT: Back again after a successful re-debut in 2017, this event takes place across Boyd Conservation area. The VAGKRAFT team will hide VW car parts across the venue (don’t worry, they are hard to miss). All entries are entered into a random draw for a cash prize!

BOYD: Boyd conservation area also boasts walking trails, sport fields, and is dog friendly (on leash).