The VAGKRAFT Team is excited to announce preparations for the 2022 season! After the last two years of the pandemic holding us back from running an event, we’re preparing something special for this year. Did you know that this is our 15th year of celebrating all things VAG? We can’t believe it either! And being a milestone year, we’ve decided to throw a Birthday Party!

Here’s what you can expect for this year’s special event:

  • Our best in show award
  • Limbo
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Special 15 Year Birthday celebratory goodies
  • And more!

While this is a very special event for the Vagkraft family, we recognize that this pandemic has been hard on a lot of us on so many levels. With that in mind we are aiming at easing everyone back into the show circuit as simply and as friendly as possible.

As such we are offering a $300 base sponsorship package that includes a 30′ w x 20′ d booth space to set up a tent to showcase your products/services and display a few cars, your company logo on the event T-shirt, DJ callouts during the show, and promos via our social media outlets and website.

If you are looking to July and see bigger ideas requiring more space, please contact us and we can discuss a larger footprint at an additional cost.

Please RSVP by email at info@vagkraft.com by April 30 to book your space.

You can also visit www.vagkraft.com for more info and updates as planning continues.


Full Payment is required ASAP to secure your position and take advantage of the full range of media vehicles available. Contact us at info@vagkraft.com for more details.